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Description: Benimaclet is a neighbourhood in Valencia, one of the European outlying cities that has suffered the most due to the failure of a socio-economic model based on property speculation, corruption, the events and facilities bubble and low quality government models. Citizens, dazzled by the sensationalism that comes with squandering, did not fight with enough intensity against a hegemonic social control based on proposals that combined the discourse about the goodness of deregulated capitalism with the effective practices of predatory and crony capitalism and an incompetent government that did not react against the grossly insufficient funding allocated to its institutions by the central government.

In this context, in the last few years, Benimaclet has witnessed a series of processes that have led to the reactivation and recovery of citizen dynamics which, on the basis of initiatives promoted by different agents  some new, some more traditional  outline a scenario defined by a more autonomous civil society, the retake of common spaces and a kind of empowerment that broadens the frontier of possibilities for the satisfaction of individual and collective wellbeing through the enrichment and interaction with festive and cultural expressions, the connection with the educational fabric, the recognition and appreciation of heritage and public spaces, the demand for a greater protagonism in the writing of their own history, the will to appropriate urban planning models, a growing demand for a more harmonious relationship with the landscape and the natural environment and the deepening of sociability.

Although these processes have a clearly local component, they also connect with the underlying trends of change that are emerging throughout Europe.

Ready to change is a space of democratic debate that attempts to motivate and actívate social and cultural transformation. This space first took shape in Ljubljana in 2010 in the framework of the Sostenuto project and has continued developing through meetings and debates held in emblematic European cities such as Sarajevo, Rome, Paris and now Valencia.

In this case, a sizeable group of European cultural agents, operators and activists will come to Valencia to explore the possibility of interpreting local transformative trends and experiences from a global perspective through the analysis of the processes taking place in a specific territory  Benimaclet  and the interaction with the citizens and local agents that actívate them.