Workshop on "Open Science and Preregistration in Psychology" (Part II)

Data d'actualització: 18/05/2022 04:08:23

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Description: On May 16th (2022), we run an online workshop on "Open Science and Preregistration in Psychology" in the framework of the "Acciones de Internacionalización en Casa" of the School of Psychology and in collaboration with the Doctoral Programme in "Reading and Comprehension" (University of Valencia). The workshop was in charge of Lisa Spitzer from the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) (Germany). Timetable: 9:00-11:00: Part I 12:00-14:00: Part II Organizer teacher/researcher: Inma Fajardo (University of Valencia) Content: This workshop was aimed at psychological researchers that were relatively new to preregistration or who would like to learn more about different options for creating preregistrations. This workshop was divided into two parts: In the first part, Lisa illustrated what a preregistration is and why it is important that researchers preregister their studies. In the second part, Lisa guided the participants through the preregistration process and gave practical advice. She presented various possible routes for creating preregistrations before narrowing down on a practical example. In this example, she used the R package “prereg” and the PRP-QUANT template that has recently been published by a collaboration of psychological societies (APA, BPS, DGPs). Lisa walked you through the process of creating the preregistration by using the template until submitting it to the preregistration platform “PreReg in Psychology” (
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