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DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3466845 Authors: Diez Castillo, Agustín; Machause López, Sonia In this video is shown how to create a 3D model of landscape with Digital Elevation Modem and vectorials thanks to the Qgis2threejs ( Qgis ( The original file used in here can be found at github The whole set is about the circulation of obsidian in the western mediterranean during the Neolithic. Terradas, X., Gratuze, B., Bosch, J., Enrich, R., Esteve, X., Oms, F. X., & Ribé, G. (2014). Neolithic diffusion of obsidian in the western Mediterranean: new data from Iberia. Journal of archaeological Science, 41, 69-78. Tykot, R. H. (2017). Obsidian Studies in the Prehistoric Central Mediterranean: After 50 Years, What Have We Learned and What Still Needs to Be Done?. Open Archaeology, 3(1), 264-278. This video is part of serie of them, the material needed to do the tutorial is indicated in the video itself or can be downloaded for github

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