T10.04-S06 Psychometrics

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10.4 Bias in Selection”, slide 6
Please open the Document “T10.4 Bias in selection”

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Clasification Unesco: Psychology::Evaluation and measurement in psychology::Psychometrics
Description: 10.4 Bias in Selection”, slide 6 Please open the Document “T10.4 Bias in selection”, slide number 6. Read it carefully, and study the graph displayed to understand how it works before to listen to this podcast. - Student’s question: On “T10.4 Bias in Selection”, slide 6, in the graph, the majority group is said to give underpredicted values and the minority group is said to give overpredicted values. Is it true or is it that the majority group gives overpredicted values and the contrary for the minority group? Kind regards.
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